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About Vali

There can be few people who have actively used the same email address for more than a few months without being fed up with the constant barrage of offers for cheap Viagra, penis enlargement, and a fantastic deal on a genuine Rolex replica. Current anti-spam efforts work at the second level, that is, to block the emails getting from the spammer's machine to yours. Vali acts to hit spammers where it hurts; their wallets.

Blocking Spam Links

Vali is an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object (BHO) which checks each domain being visited to see if it is a known spam operated website. If so, it will warn the user that the site is a beneficiary of spam, and give them the choice to continue or quit.

(Image: Flowchart showing the target point in the spam fund chain)

Current efforts to block spam work very well, but as spammers improve their ability to evade mail filtering techniques, the strain on developers to provide better filtering techniques increases. Vali works to block at the user level, warning users that they will be supporting spamming and illegal activities such as phishing if they follow links in an email.

Blocking Search Results

Spammers will use other tactics to gain sales or victims, including spamming comments on blogs, and fake forum posts linking to their site which increases their search ranking and leads to a false belief that the higher they are in the search engine results the more reputable they are. Vali will warn users clicking on a search engine result if they are visiting a site that benefits from such activity. This protects further from scams and phishing sites which bypass email spamming as their primary means of gaining traffic.

Blocking Spamvertised Banner Adverts

Spammers will often buy banner space on legitimate websites in order to gain more traffic to their sites. If the banner is hosted on the spammer's website (as it often is), Vali will warn you when you load the host page, warning you before you have even been made aware of the advert, and allowing users to contact the host page webmaster and warn them of the affiliation.

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